Choose Your Teeth Whitening Pen With Care

A teeth whitening pen is the most modern and innovative way of making your teeth shine and provide you with a brighter smile that you are surely going to enjoy. Most of the time regular brushing with the teeth whitening pastes and gels is not enough to restore the original color and shine of your teeth and with these useful teeth whitening pens you can really maintain a shining smile even amidst your daily busy schedule.

Most teeth whitening pens that are available in the market paints a whitening agent on your teeths surface and the latest pens are coming with a click applicator that makes the whole process quick and easy at the same time. Moreover some new teeth whitening pen contain sodium saccharine to make them more pleasant as the sweeteners mellows down the unpleasant taste of the whitening chemicals and the most exciting news is that these pens are now coming with a variety of tastes to make them more attractive to the customers.

A teeth whitening pen just like the whitening gels available over the counter contains bleaching chemicals like carbamide or hydrogen peroxide but in a lower concentration level ranging from as low as 4% to as high as 35% and an individual can always use the one that his dentist thinks is appropriate for his condition. The bleaching agents contained in teeth whitening pens can penetrate the enamel or the outer shield of the teeth and work on the dentine to remove the stains and discoloration on a permanent basis but you are required to take some necessary precaution while using teeth whitening pens containing a high concentration of whitening agents for dramatic effects because depending upon your individual physical condition you may develop certain negative side effects and using them only after being suggested by a dental expert can be considered a safer proposition.

As the market of teeth whitening substances are getting extremely competitive every single day and more and more brands are vying for a foothold in the market and doing some preliminary research can surely help you to avail the best teeth whitening pen for maximum result against a very affordable price. But while shopping for teeth whitening substances like gels, pastes or pens you should better avoid cheap products and relying on established and reputed brands is always a safer option as many sub-standard pens are also available out there that are not authorized and you must stay awat from such products because they can cause some permanent damage to your teeth or even ruin them all together.

Many modern teeth whitening pen carrying a lot of innovative features are there on the lookout for you but many people prefer the pens with quick drying facility that does not leak to the gums and have better result on your teeth. Instead of going for some quick fire solution a formula that works slowly but steadily is always expected to cause minimum damage to your teeth and you are required to be careful about your decision because you have only a single pair of them.