Natural Make Up Tips

Professional Make Up & Make Up Natural party different from the Professional Make Up & Make Up Natural or day-to-day. The most important note is the selection of an appropriate color so that the impression is fresh and serious look on his face.

The steps to do when her make-up are:

Use a moisturizer before applying foundation foundation to the face is not dry and fresh look. Natural Makeup mate Furthermore Dab a soft powder and matches the color of your skin.

Open this natural beauty makeup tips link and get some more important stuff on makeup tips.

Choose a foundation that is very soft for Natural & Natural Makeup Makeup and a choice of one level lighter than your skin tone. Apply evenly on face, neck, and ears.

Before applying eyeshadow, it would be nice if you use eye moisturizer to dry eyes and eye shadow are not attached to a perfect and durable. Rub moisturizer eye on the whole eyelid part evenly.

To create a natural impression, choose colors that are not too bright but not too dark. Colors like brown, brick red, orange, the colors are fairly representative impression of natural and perfect fit with various kinds of skin color. When it finds a suitable color, dab color on the older lower eyelids. Dab at the top of a brighter color. For the slanted eyes or small, this technique is used to make eyes look bigger and fresher.

To narrow or small eyes, dab a little too dark colors (eg dark brown to a Professional Image, Professional Image & Make Up Make Up increasingly visible) on the boundary line between the lower and upper eyelids to the eye line is more clearly visible. The eyes will seem larger.

For the establishment of an eyebrow had to be done carefully, because it serves to determine the character’s face eyebrows.For Natural Make Up & Natural Makeup for a modern and brown-skinned, it is advisable not to choose a black eyebrow pencil because it contains the colors look darker on your face and look old. We recommend using a brown or copper color to show the impression of natural and young.

Provide shading for the Professional Image, Professional Image & Make Up Make Up on certain parts so as to make the face more ideal. For example, given shading on the jaw, left and right cheek, nose and temples. Use a brown color as shading, because brown is the color most neutral and most integrated with a variety of skin tones.

The use of eyeliner on the Make Up Professionals must be very careful and full precision. Do not get used eyeliner looks uneven. Choose brown or black eyeliner to reinforce the line of the eye. Should be used brown eyeliner under the eyes and the black used on the top of the eye. In addition to the lower eyelids, dab of red or brown brick making eyes look brighter and seem natural.

If you want to show the glamor or the Make Up Professionals would not hurt if you sprinkle the glitter on the hair, the neck, and chest. You can add accessories that fit with the concept that make up your stretcher.